General FAQ's

Tikete is the first service where you can pay easily, quickly and in real time for your tickets to events, clubs, concerts and much more. The application allows you to quickly review the different events, all georeferenced according to your location or interest.

No more waiting in lines to buy your tickets while you miss out on all the entertainment. Tikete is a social application that allows you to publish all types of events and generate an online ticket. It also groups all events in one place to make ticket sales more convenient and expeditious.

From the perspective of social development, it makes it possible to energize and strengthen support for entrepreneurship and culture by promoting the dissemination of events and exhibitions in public and private spaces.

To buy your tickets to events is very simple, you just have to find your favorite panorama and enter the event page. Within the tab you must select the type of ticket you want, select the number of tickets and press the BUY button. Then you must follow the instructions in the Shopping Cart.

Very simple once you have selected your tickets, you must pay with Transbank Webpay. Which will be a safe purchase.

Once your purchase has been validated by Transbank and Tikete, the tickets will be available in your Tikete user account and in your email in our Digital eTicket format.

Tikete FAQ's

VERY SIMPLE! Tickets must be presented on your Smartphone upon arrival at the event, its QR code will be scanned or validated with the validating digit.

To modify your data, view purchased tickets, etc. You must enter Your Account and in this section you will find:

  • Edit your Data
  • Change Password
  • My eTickets
  • Create Event
  • My Events
  • Organizer Data

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